Education is probably the second most discussed topic in the society after politics, yet needed to be discussed in a much more improvised manner, that too with an urgency of TODAY. Being a nation of this much regional, sociopolitical, linguistic diversities, we can agree on this very point: the biggest concern in the current scenario is the need for education in the society and more importantly Quality Education, the need to empower the youth with skills, the need to provide adequate employment opportunities to all.


As a Nation, we are facing a number of Socio-Economic problems; be it social exclusion, seasonal and disguised unemployment, poverty, poor health or discrimination in the society at different levels. The root cause of all these problems is one: the lack of quality education in the country!


Having 65% of the country’s population below the age of 35, the concern of the educationists should not be only focusing on making people literate but making them skilled, converting human capital into human resources. Directing and molding youths in the right way with a farseeing strategy is important. Identifying what a person is good in, training them in their areas of interests and providing them with the conditions to get their best out is the key. A number of measures needed to be taken, keeping in mind the changing world from merely a planet to a global village. There are already a lot of grounds needed to be covered and we need to look out more of them and combat them all.


One of the major problems of these days is disguised-unemployment or underemployment. Today we are having a number of qualified youths either not working to their full potential or not working at all. This young energy of the country needed to be guided in a very precise manner. Though, a number of institutions are already working for the same. Some organizations like NICE and MARGDARSHAK are showing great zeal. Efforts are needed to deal with the crippling lack of well-qualified trainers in every education base. These needs are a major national catastrophe and should be tackled as one.

Also, this is to be noted that the problem of disguised unemployment is closely related to the need for quality education in the country. The various schemes and vocational training programs in the country are partially or fully inadequate and are addressing yesterday problems. Some schemes like PMKVY and NTTF (in Bangalore) are there but are simply too few to meet the two ends.


Now, the need of the hour is not just Education but Quality Education i.e. empowering the youth by the skills. Skills- those the world need today and tomorrow. As a responsible Nation and Society, we need to decide our destiny and path wisely. There are no shortages of Educational Reforms for sure. Though, some of these need immediate concern. Developing an Inclusive Education system, Improving the number of trained teachers for Quality Education, Improving monitoring and evaluation, Combining Technical and Vocational training with school education, Adult Education: these all issues needs to be addressed now. By providing the youth of India what direction they need actually in the current scenario, we will finally be able to put a full stop on a lot of clamor and serious issues like Socio-Economic challenges and disguised unemployment. The sooner we would start to address these issues, the better it will be for the country.


by  Vinay Kumar



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